Gyo (Tokyo Fish Attack!)

Gyo (Tokyo Fish Attack!)

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The day the fish fought back!


A horrible rotting stench has accompanied Kaori’s trip with her friends for graduation. The source? A fish on mechanical legs. But that fish is a part of a larger issue, as soon enough a nation wide invasion of these creatures is upon them and they’re carrying something far worse than a foul odor.


With Tokyo under siege by these creatures, Kaori cuts her graduation trip short in order to rescue Tadashi, her boyfriend, before he too becomes a victim. But it becomes a daunting task when the city is barely recognisable and there are fish around every corner threatening her own safety.


A biological experiment gone wrong or the simple natural progress of evolution, Kaori might find out a truth she may not want to know in her quest to rescue Tadashi from this pandemic.


  • Tadashi

    Tadashi is Kaori's boyfriend. On his way back from work he gets caught in the midst of an attack, leaving a frantic Kaori no other choice than to rush to Tokyo and find him. There is more than meets the eye as he is the nephew of the infamous scientist, Mr.Koyanagi

    Voiced by Takuma Negishi

  • Kaori

    in this anime adaptation Kaori is our protagonist. During her graduation trip with friends Erika and Aki, they discover a foul stench, but this is the least of their nightmares. Kaori's only mission is to reunite with her boyfriend Tadashi in the wake of the Fish Attack. 

    Voiced by Mirai Kataoka

  • Shirakawa

    Shirakawa is a journalist. He becomes a travel companion with Kaori as she searches for Tadashi in Tokyo whilst he is after Tadashi's uncle for an interview over the cause of the invasion.

    Voiced by Hideki Abe


Story by

Junji Ito “Gyo” (Big Comic Spirits by Shogakukan


Takayuki Hirao

Character Design

Takuro Takahashi

Animation Studio


Voice Cast

Kaori| Mirai Kataoka
Tadashi| Takuma Negishi
Erika| Ami Taniguchi
Aki| Masami Saeki
Shirakawa| Hideki Abe
Professor Koyonagi| Hiroshi Okazaki 


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