Arakawa Under the Bridge

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Just how far will you go to pay off a debt?


For one, Ko Ichinomiya, born and raised to never be in debt to anyone, upholds this idea very seriously. So when a girl named Nino, a self pro-claimed ‘Venusian’, inexplicably rescues him he is left with the greatest debt of all.


Agreeing to become her boyfriend and moving in with her as repayment gets more complicated when your girlfriend’s home is literally under a bridge and you’ve just met the eccentric neighbours. Featuring a centuries old kappa, a cross-dressing nun, a rock star with an actual star for a head, to mention a few, all of whom make the ‘Venusian’ Nino seem normal, Ko just might be in over his head.


Welcome to life in Arakawa Under the Bridge!


  • Ko Ichinomiya

    Ko Ichinomiya is the heir to the Ichinomiya Group. Brought up on his family's belief to never be indebt to anyone, he finds that he must become the lover to the self-proclaimed Venusian Nino who has saved his life after falling from a bridge.

    Voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya

  • Nino

    A self-proclaimed Venusian, Nino lives under the bridge with her fellow eccentric friends. Her diet mainly consists of fish and has asked Ko to become her boyfriend after saving his life.

    Voiced by Maaya Sakamoto

  • Village Chief

    Only called by his title as 'Village Chief' amongst the residents at Arakawa, little is known about him. Nonetheless he is highly respected amongst the group due to his caring and happy nature. He is very sensitive about the fact that he is a kappa although Ko insists that he's just a guy in a kappa suit.

    Voiced by Keiji Fujiwara

  • Sister

    An ex-soldier, Sister has abandoned his violent career to become a nun and set up a church by the Arakawa river...but some tendencies from his previous life still pop up.

    Voiced by Takehito Koyasu

  • Hoshi

    Hoshi was a famous rock star who had to retire to the bridge because he was unable to sing his own songs. He has a crush on Nino and views Ko as his rival.

    Voiced by Tomokazu Sugita


Original Work


Original Comic: by Hikaru Nakamura | Publication: by “YOUNG GANGAN” (Square Enix Co., Ltd.)



Director: Akiyuki Shinbo | Series Director: Yukihiro Miyamoto


Series Composition / Screenplay by Deko Akao


Production Supervisors by Koji Taguchi & Atsushi Moriyama


Character Design / Animation Supervision

Nobuhiro Sugiyama






Music: Masaru Yokoyama | Music Production: Starchild Records | Sound Director: by Yota Tsuruoka |

Sound Production: Rakuonsha



Animation Production

Producer: Mitsutoshi Kubota | Animation Production: SHAFT | Producer: Go Shukuri | Produced: ArakawaUB Project | Art Director: Koji Azuma | Color Design: Izumi Takizawa | Visual Effects: Motoi Sakai | Director of Photography: Shohei Uchimura| Editor: Rie Matsuhara


Opening Theme

COMOS vs. ALIEN by Etsuko Yakushimaru

Ending Theme

Red Coat by Suneohair


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