Bodacious Space Pirates

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When her estranged father passed away, Marika Kato has found herself unsuspectingly inheriting a pirate ship called the Bentenmaru, and it’s crew. By law, the ship’s captaincy must be inherited by direct blood relatives and as the only living relative; Marika must take charge if the crew of the ship wishes to continue on their adventures.


But what’s a girl supposed to do when you’re just in high school and the only experience you’ve had in space are your rides in the space yacht club? For Marika, the answer is simple, but juggling life between being a student, her part time job and being the captain of a pirate ship is easier said than done.


Nevertheless whatever happens, arm yourselves for a swashbuckling adventure across the galaxy in Bodacious Space Pirates!


  • Marika Kato

    Marika Kato was just suppose to be an ordinary student until her estrange father passes away and now she's the captain of a pirate ship? Juggling with life as a student and the captain of a legal pirate ship is a tall order to ask for a teenager but Marika is willing to take on the challenge.

    Voiced by Mikako Komatsu

  • Chiaki Kurihara

    The new transfer student at Marika's school. Chiaki gives off a cold and aloof nature to her but underneath she is quite friendly and willing to help Marika out with her problems. She also happens to have a sweet tooth.

    Voiced by Kana Hanazawa


Original Work

Published by: Asahi Novels "Minisuka Ughu Kaizoku" | Written by: Yuichu Sasamoto | Illustrated by: Noriyuki Matsumoto

Director | Series Organisation

Tatsuo Sato


Tatsuo Sato | Michiko Ito | Kentaro Mizuno | Shinichi Miyazaki

Original Character Conception


Character Designs & Executive Animation Director

Hiroshi Takeuchi

Mechanical Designs

Masaharu Kawamori | Naohiro Washio | Kenji Teraoka | Masahisa Suzuki | Shinichi Miyazaki


Elements Garden | Noriyasu Uematsu | Junpei Fujita | Hitoshi Fujima
Music Production: Star Child Records

Animation Production

Prop Designs: Miki Yoshikawa
 | Art Director: Hijiri Ito | Art Setting: Masahiro Sato | Roman Toma | Lugal Yan | Puryone Sutanisurasu | Color Setting: Chie Tanimoto | Monitor Graphics: Takuya Hasegawa | 3D CGI: Tatsuro Sasaki | Filming Director: Yujiro Yamane | Sound Director: Hitoshi Aketagawa | Sound Effects: Naoto Yamatani

Opening Theme

Mouretsu Uchu Kokyokyoku Dai Shichi Gakusho—Mugen no Ai
Performed by: Momoriro Clover Z

Ending Theme

Performed by: Momoriro Clover Z

Produced by: SATELIGHT | Presented by: Mo-retsu Uchu Kaizoku Productions Committee


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