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To Forgive, is to Forget...


The self-proclaimed Super Peace Busters, a group of six childhood friends, drift apart after the death of Meiko “Menma” Honma. Ten years later and everyone is still coping with their grief over the loss. Jinta Yadomi, the leader of the group, has now become a recluse, a shadow of his former energetic self.


But one summer day the ghost of Menma returns, aware of her passing and needing Jinta’s aid in helping her fulfill her wish so she can cross over.


In order to do that though the members of the Super Peace Busters need to reunite and confront the ghosts of their past if they wish to set Menma free. 


  • Jinta (Jintan) Yadomi

    Jintan has become an angry withdrawn teenager due to the tragic loss of his friend Menma when he was young. When he sees her ghost one summer he believes it to be a manifestation of his internal stress and trauma.

    Voiced by Miyu Irino

  • Meiko (Menma) Honma

    Menma died when she was a child and several years later returns seemingly older. She can’t cross over until she has her wish is granted but cannot remember what that wish is.

    Voiced by Ai Kayano

  • Naruko (Anaru) Anjo

    Anaru has always had a crush over Jintan since there were children and was jealous of Menma because of her easy friendship with him. This crush conflicts with her guilt from the death of Menma.

    Voiced by Haruka Tomatsu

  • Atsumu (Yukiatsu) Matsuyuki

    Beneath the cool front that Yukiatsu puts up, he is still reeling from Menma’s death several years later and is struggling to cope. 

    Voiced by Takahiro Sakurai

  • Chiriko (Tsuruko) Tsurumi

    Tsuruko has always been a quiet and observant child who’s very inituitive on others emotions. She begins to heal from Menma’s death after the group reunites.

    Voiced by Saori Hayami

  • Tsudo (Poppo) Hisakawa

    The only member of the group who accepts Menma’s presence even if he can’t see her and endeavours to help her fulfill her wish so she can move on.

    Voiced by Takayuki Kondo


Original Story Cho Heiwa Busters


Director Tatsuyuki Nagai


Screenplay Mari Okada

Character Design/Animation Supervision Masayoshi Tanaka


Art Director Tsutomu Ishigaki


Art Setting Ko ki Fukushima


Prop Design Yukie Hiyamizu


Color Design Kazuko Nakashima


Editor Shigeru Nishiyama


CG Director/Director of Photography Shinji Nasu


Sound Director Jin Aketagawa


Sound Effects Katsuhiro Nakano


Sound Production Magic Capsule Music RE MEDIOS


Music Production Aniplex Inc. FUJI PA CIFIC MUSIC, Inc.


Chief Producers Hiroyuki Shimizu Noriko Ozaki


Animation Producer Mikihiro Iwata


Animation Production A-1 Pictures Inc.


Produced by ANOHANA Project Aniplex Inc. Fuji Television Network, Inc. Dentsu Inc


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