Kids on the Slope

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At the beginning of summer in 1966, Kaoru moves yet again, this time to a sunny part of Kyushu Japan. For him, it's a never-ending cycle of trying to adjust. An A star student as well as a classically trained pianist, Kaoru would soon be left alone to play or to study.


But local bad-boy Sentaro Kawabuchi has a taste for confrontation and feels no need to leave Kaoru alone. He demands Kaoru's attention, and at first their friendship is precarious at best. But upon discovering Sentaro's immense talent as a jazz drummer, neither of them can ignore each other, and through music a friendship beyond words emerges.


Master director Shinichiro Watanabe (Cowboy Beebop) handles this brilliant manga adaptation with care, and along with an amazing soundtrack from Yoko Kanno (Macross, Ghost in the Shell), Kids on the Slope is one of the most accomplish anime programs in recent memory.


  • Kaoru Nishimi

    A star student and piano prodigy, Kaoru changes school often. Coming to Higashi High School was always going to be just another stopover for him, but that all changed when he met the charming Ritsuko and her imposing friend Sentaro. These friends introduce Kaoru to the world of Jazz, and his life will never be quite the same again.

    Voiced by Ryƍhei Kimura

  • Sentaro Kawabuchi

    The son of an American Soldier and Japanese mother, the misunderstood Sentaro towers above his peers at 193cm, and his passionate manner earns him the reputation of being a bully. Lifelong friend of Ritsuko, it’s only when he befriends Kaoru and reveals his love of Jazz that the true Sentaro is revealed.

    Voiced by Yoshimasa Hosoya

  • Ritsuko Mukae

    Ritsuko is a classmate of Sentaro and Kaoru. The third in their trio of friends, she works at her family’s music store which doubles as a jam session studio for the two boys, and occasionally her father and friend Junichi. A pretty girl who is kind and cheerful, she shows great affection for both of her friends.

    Voiced by Yuuka Nanri


Original Comic

Yuki Kodama

Serialized in "flowers" (Shogakukan Inc.)


Chief Producer

Koji Yamamoto (Fuji TV)


Yoko Kanno


Animation Character Design

Nobuteru Yuuki


Animation Supervisor

Yoshimitsu Yamashita


Recording Director

Shoji Hata


Animation Produced by

MAPPA/Tezuka Productions



Shinichiro Watanabe

Presented by KIDS ON THE SLOPE Committee


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